Local connection: Passing of two Hawaii icons

How would you like to be remembered? And what will your rivals say about you, or for that matter people who you sometimes argued with?  Hawaii has now lost two icons in recent days; both were real examples of a true local connection.

The first: Frank Fasi. He never lost his focus on the little guy and he did what was right. Look what happened because of his administration, we have the best bus system in the nation, Summer Fun, gardening plots and Honolulu City Lights.

And Cec Heftel, he helped communicate a similar message through the power of the local media. He was a visionary who understood television and its power to improve our quality of life by bringing the world to Hawaii. He also hired me, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Two men, one message. You help the little guy, you help everybody. They will be missed.