Beach bags and easy DIY style tips

Beach bags and easy DIY style tips

(HawaiiNewsNow) - It may be freezing on the mainland, but definitely not here! Style expert Stacie Krajchir joins us with the hottest beach bags of the season.

Beach Bags That Give Back

Whether your style is posh or practical, wet or wild, now is the perfect time to swap out your worn-out, ratty old tote for a style savvy beach bag to lug all your loot and shop guilt-free!

44Knots, $96 up,

Seabags, $95 up,

SailBags Maui, $78 and up,

Green Girls Totes, $55.00,, Discount code: HAWAII

SKN – LemonBag/Asparagus Bag, $34.95,

Maliko, $27.00,

First there was the green movement, now the thrifty movement has arrived! Consumers looking for more ways to save money by doing or making it themselves. Lifestyle expert and author Stacie Krajchir is here to show us five quick and easy one minute Do-It-Yourself ideas using items you already have at home.

Can Do: A creative and easy way to cheer up your workspace

Save tin cans from the recycling bin and cover them in pretty gift wrap or wallpaper remnants. Gather a collection of different-size holders — from a tiny tomato-paste can to a larger juice container — to fit all your storage needs. Rinse and dry the cans, then cut paper to fit; a tape measure can give you the circumference. Mix and match several papers for a playful look.

T-shirt Transformation: Halter top

Start by looking at what you already have--if something doesn't quite fit or you haven't worn it in years (say, one of those dozen T-shirts in the back of your closet), you can easily alter it (or use part of it to alter something else) to make something new, usable, and one-of-a-kind. With T-shirts, especially, and using only a pair of scissors (no sewing!) you can make halter tops, pillows, bibs, skirts, and so much more!

Jar of Homemade Sugar Scrub

Brown sugar is excellent for improving dry skin, and leaving your skin bright and soft. Great to use on feet that feel rough and calloused too.

  • honey
  • olive oil
  • light or dark brown sugar, your choice

Unique Candle Holders

Yes a quick trip to produce department is the first step to fresh innovative tea light holders.