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Hawaii hotel occupancy improves

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - As the mainland economy slowly improves, Hawaii hotel occupancy is rising, despite less room rate discounting than seen at the bottom of recession.

Hotels are more than two-thirds full on Kauai and the Big Island, and closer to nine-tenths full on Oahu and Maui, with rates discounted an average 4% to 10% from last winter.

Hospitality Advisors LLC reported Friday that occupancy was 69% on the Big Island, 72% on Kauai, 87% on Maui and 88% on Oahu. The Maui and Oahu figures are higher than last year.

Smith Travel Research LLC reported Thursday that national hotel occupancy was 55%, and occupancy was 66% in San Diego, 68% in Los Angeles.

The figures cover the seven days to last Sunday, but the overall trend has become apparent over the last three weeks.

International arrivals have been up 10% lately, while traffic from the mainland has been up marginally from last winter. On a good day Hawaii gets 18,000 to 21,000 arrivals includin 4,000 from Japan.

The state counts arrivals daily, but officials typically assume that 13% to 15% of arrivals are local residents returning from trips elsewhere.

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