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Campus Connections: Moanalua High's Now Loading

Ron Artis Ron Artis

By Bryan Paneda

HONOLULU - Haleiwa has been known for its laid back artistic vibe. The Artis Gallery draws in tourists with their unique talent.

In Haleiwa, a gallery has more than meets the eye.

"Art is resurrection city. The best surface in the world. They bring me their broken boards. I take the broken boards add my legacy to it and paint on it," Ron Artis said.

Some may call it recycling surfboards.

"We don't recycle them, we resurrect them. We give them new life with artwork. When pro surfers crack or ding their boards, this is where they bring them," Ron Artis Jr. Said.

New life isn't all that Artis' tries to bring.

"I try to restore and maintain and help maintain some of the historic significance and beauty of the North Shore. I learned at a very young age that I had some uncontrollable creative power in me that I had to harness-- both art and music. All the music and art we do, makes a positive impression and inspires young kids to use their gifts in the same way," Artis said.

He's been inspiring for longer than you may think.

"Today , I'm 60 years old, so you could say I'm a relic," Artis said.

At 60 years, Ron Artis has performed with many professional musicians, but now he is all about his family.

"You can inspire a lot of families, to let them know they can do everything if we stick as a family. Whatever you get into, where you're at, family always got your back and strength. That's what we do," Artis Jr. said.

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