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Ask Howard: February 24

(HawaiiNewsNow) - It's Wednesday, and it's time to put Howard Dicus in the hot seat to answer your questions.

  •  "Hey, Howard, I have a lot of clients that have properties in an area where they may build rail stations. They are concerned. How will the rail affect their properties?"
  •  "Howard, why is the lion called ‘king of the jungle?' Lions don't live in the jungle, do they?"
  • "Hey, Howard, would you buy a Toyota now?"
  • "Hey, Howard, this is Pancake Charlie. Do you know what the world record is for how many pancakes eaten in one sitting? And how many have you eaten at one time?"
  • "How can we better promote volunteerism in America?"
  • "Hey, Howard, how come there is no such thing as a Samoan figure skating team?"
  •  "What do you think about the growing number of foreign investments in the United States?"
  • "Hey, Howard, there is a contest question for you: What is your best character trait and your biggest fault?"
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