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Thousands of city workers along with the public will feel effects of city furloughs

Jerry Kim Jerry Kim
Dawn Cisneros Dawn Cisneros

By Holly Juscen – bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Thousands of city employees will be furloughed starting in July, and others will take 5% pay cuts. Mayor Mufi Hannemann's announcement comes as no surprise for most city and county union workers who agreed to as many as 24 furlough days a year.

DMV supervisor, Jerry Kim, who is a member of the HGEA union, says they recently signed a new contract, "we kind of expected it yeah -- because we had it ratified in our contract. We are joining the state workers who have been doing it for months now."

While the details are still being worked out, the mayor said both the Frank Fasi Municipal building and Kapolei Hale will be closed twice a month --- on the same days as the schools furlough Fridays. This will shut down dozens of city and county services like the offices of building permits and property taxes, but the biggest impact may come for those who use the D-M-V's.

Randy Deguzman of Kapolei says, " whenever it gets down to doing registration or car stuff it is going to be a lot harder cause the line will be a lot longer --- it will test everyone's patience."

Dawn Cisneros is a Wainae teacher dealing with furlough Fridays and says the city's are shocking, "being a school employee I'm dealing with pay cuts and days off --- and now I wont be able to get what I need done on Fridays, that's one less thing I will be able to do."

Mayor Hannemann is in Washington DC until Monday, when he returns he say he will give more specific details about the city furloughs and the $140 million budget shortfall.

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