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Campus Connections: Roosevelt High's Rough Rider News

Marchel Marcos Marchel Marcos
Zoe Young Zoe Young
James Chiya James Chiya
Ka'eo Vasconcellos Ka'eo Vasconcellos
Alumni 1952 Alumni 1952

HONOLULU - High School students that have been involved with vandalism have also resorted to violence. Roosevelt high school has been vandalized multiple times with obscene graffiti. However in the early 1900's, schools in the Interscholastic league of Honolulu, turned their football feud into a trophy.

Roosevelt and Punahou once had an intense rivalry when both schools were in the Interscholastic league of Honolulu.

What happened was the schools decided to have this trophy and in their football game the winner of that game would hold on to that trophy," Roosevelt High alumni, James Chiya said.

Ticky Vasconcellos lead the Rough Riders through three consecutive championships.

"He's like a second father, sometimes the primary male role model many of his football players have. His fondest memories were seeing all his players wearing dirty football jerseys," Grandson, Ka'eo Vasconcellos said.

"When we won, we got to go over and paint their dome; the blue part, we could paint it red. It looked like Roosevelt stone and vice versa," Roosevelt alumni said.

"I remember when we were in High School, one year, came to school, and the hill in front of the school had a big 'P' that had been burnt on the front lawn," Roosevelt High alumni, Val said.

"One year they burnt a big 'R' on the Punahou field," Sen. Carol Fukunaga said.

"It was a great rivalry, intense rivalry between Punahou and Roosevelt. It was a good respectful way to have good school spirit between the both of them," Vasconcellos said.

Who knew that something as small as a trophy could solve so many solutions.

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