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Hawaii's next Olympian: Wrestling phenoms Teniya & Teshya Alo

Teniya Alo Teniya Alo
Teshya Alo Teshya Alo
Rob Hesia Rob Hesia
John Robinson John Robinson

By Photojournalist Brenton Awa

OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -  Our final stop takes a look at the oldest sport -- wrestling. Two Oahu sisters have been man-handling their competition.

"My name is Teniya Alo, I'm a five time state champion, five time national champion, and I'm in the fifth grade," Teniya Alo said.

"I'm Teshya Alo, and I'm ranked number one in my country for boys and girls. I have 11 national titles. My sister and I have a combined 30 national, wrestling, judo, and jiu jitsu titles," Teshya alo said.

"These girls are super tough from town. They travel all over to train with the best people. They go as far as the best trainers are," personal trainer, Rob Hesia said.

"You know, when we bring them to practice and all, they wrestle some of the high school kids and they give them hard rubs. When they go to the national tournaments, they wrestle kids that are much older than them and they school them," wrestling coach, John Robinson said.

"I'm in control of myself, I'm in control of the mat, and I control my outcome," Teniya said.

"They're not afraid to lose," Robinson said.

"I'm going to be a four time state champion. I feel that I'm confident. I feel that I'm number one," Teshya said.

"Both of the girls have unreal work ethic," Hesia said.

"I don't stop training, I just keep going and going, keep wrestling," Teniya said.

"They pick up about the same as most kids but then again, they put a little more in it," Robinson said.

"I just feel like every single time I need to be on the mat practicing. My goal is to be an Olympic champion in 2012," Teshya said.

"All I got to say is we need this and they go out and do it," Robinson said.

"I will be an olympic champion and I will train hard and try my best to win," Teshya said.

"I believe they can be multiple time national and world champions. They will be on the Olympic team. They will be on the Olympic team more than once, I'll bet my house on it. It may not be in 2012, they're a little young, it may not be in 2016, but by 2020, I guarantee they'll be on the olympic team," Robinson said.

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