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Botched movie stunt causes scare off Oahu

Kualoa area Kualoa area
Witness to stunt Witness to stunt

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

KUALOA (HawaiiNewsNow) - There was a stunt scare at Kualoa. Firefighters thought they needed to save a life.

It turns out the "emergency" was an action scene being filmed near Chinaman's Hat.

But it didn't all go according to the script.

It is at Kualoa Beach Park where beach goers say they witnessed a bizarre scene play out in the waters. They say a helicopter was hovering offshore and that's when a parachutist jumped out.

Firefighters say it was a movie stunt gone wrong. The parachutist had to pull the emergency chute, after the primary one failed.

"Other people started running to help them but they didn't want any help from anybody. Then the firemen came and ambulance," said one witness.

Witnesses say a kayaker rescued the parachutist off these waters, then took off with a TV crew before firefighters could talk to them.

"We thought they weren't supposed to be here because they were very quietly trying to pick up things and leave. It was weird, we were all stunned here we didn't know what to do," said a witness.

Hawaii will soon see a lot of shoots. The pirate ship in the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie just arrived on Oahu.

Filming starts this summer.

The State Film Office says shoots like those require a permit.

The office is now checking to see if the crew spotted off Kualoa had one.

The same film company is reportedly going to do a similar stunt on Wednesday morning in Waimanalo.

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