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Do My Job: Dan and Taizo on the road-coning crew

Andy Houghtailing Andy Houghtailing
Bill Paik Bill Paik
Dan and Taizo on the H3 Dan and Taizo on the H3

By Dan Cooke - bio | email

KANEOHE (HawaiiNewsNow) - Sure we could have been a trainer and taped men's feet and rubbed their back or played basketball with some high school kids, but we wanted to be in a job where danger was close by. Look, we're way up high on the H3 just feet away from cars whipping by at 70 miles per hour! This is a real job.

We caught up with the guys from GP Roadway Services as they coned off lanes on the H3 freeway. Is it a dangerous job? Just ask Andy Houghtailing.

"I was almost hit by a semi. I stepped out of my truck and it came really close, just inches from my nose" said Houghtailing.

Coned off lanes are a necessary inconvenience for Hawaii drivers.

"The roads gotta get fixed, trees gotta get cut."

And the guys realize that dealing with lane closures can be frustrating for you. They understand. But they're also hoping you can show them some aloha.

"Yeah, just a little, a little that's all we ask."

GP Roadway Solutions is a pretty big outfit, about 60 employees, and they work all across the island.

"We do work for the state, we do work for the city, we do work for contractors" said GP Roadway Services president Bill Paik.

GP's team wanted a break so we went to work. First we helped out by putting up a sign, then it was time for cone class.

I saw cones for miles. It's about 300 cones, about three miles,

"Dan, how do your arms feel?" asks Taizo.

My arms have no feeling at all at this point.

Cone putting, cone collecting. We did it all and gained a ton of respect for the guys at GP Roadway Solutions.

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