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Order a singing valentine for your sweetheart

Still looking for that something special for Valentine's Day? Here's an idea. Send your sweetheart a singing valentine! The Sounds of Aloha will be joining us in studio today to sing valentines on the air.

SINGING VALENTINES! LIVE! Lovers may send their sweetheart a unique Valentine, performed by a Barbershop Quartet on February 12, 13 & 14, 2010. Companies may also find this useful for employee recognition, special clients or customers. Quartets will present a card, a silk rose and two songs, at restaurants, workplaces, residences, hospitals,.. you name it. Donation requested ($60 for a 2 hour time window - $75 for a specific time or for evening delivery in Waikiki).

Times and locations are limited, so please order early.

Time Limitations:

Matching all the orders we receive with available quartets in locations all over Oahu at the times requested is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle in three dimensions. To make it most likely that your piece of the puzzle will fit, we ask you to provide us a two hour window of time.

Location Limitations:

We are a Chorus of about forty active singers. This limits the number of quartets we can provide, and thus we must limit the areas of Oahu where we can deliver a Singing Valentine.

  • In Central Oahu, we do not go North of Wahiawa.
  • In West Oahu, we do not go past Kapolei.
  • In Windward Oahu, we do not go North of Kaneohe.

Remember that other lovers are asking for Singing Valentines too, and may have just submitted a request for the time you want, so PLEASE give us lots of flexibility in the time you request. For the basic price of $60, we must have a time window of 2 hours or more. A more specific time costs $75.

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