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Toyota recalls 400,000 hybrids worldwide

TOKYO (Hawaii News Now) - One week after reporting brake problems in its new Prius hybrids, Toyota is taking action. The auto giant is issuing another major recall; its third in less than six months.

This morning Toyota recalled more than 400,000 hybrids worldwide, including the 2010 Prius. Several hundred drivers in the U.S. and Japan have complained of a short delay when hitting their brakes.

Toyota has already recalled more than 7 million vehicles because of problems with floor mats and sticky gas pedals.

Eager to reclaim its reputation, the company has launched its own investigation.

"We will redouble our commitment to quality as a lifeline for our company," says Toyota president, Akio Toyoda.

Toyota says it will take its dealers about 40 minutes to fix the software glitch causing the brake problem.

The company will have to explain its recent safety troubles to lawmakers Wednesday on Capitol Hill.

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