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Making gao for Chinese New Year

(HawaiiNewsNow) - With Chinese New Year around the corner, lots of families are stocking up on gao, a sticky treat that has a very interesting history. We have Evelyn Chang from Hawaii National Bank, and Annie Yeung, owner of Panya Bakery to tell us more about it.

Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year

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Brown Sugar Nin Gau
Recipe Courtesy: Panya


  • Chinese Glutinous Rice Flour 1 bag (16oz)
  • Vegetable Oil 4 oz
  • Syrup
  • Brown Sugar Block 12 oz
  • Water 16oz


1. Prepared Syrup: Broil water and sugar in sauce pan. Until all sugar melted.

2. Prepare Steamer bring water to broil when syrup is ready.

3. Put flour in mixing bowl.

4. Add oil in flour.

5. Use whisk stirred the batter slowly, then add hot syrup into the batter and whisk slowly.

6. Make sure the batter is not "lumpy" then add more syrup.

7. Spray the container with oil. Pour the batter into the greased container to put into steamer.

8. Steam for 40 min and test with pick for non stick.

9. Sprinkle with Sesame and decorated with date.

Serving size: 4 small foil containers

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