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Remembering Frank Fasi: Viewers respond

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I remember when Hawaii had that t-shirt vending problem in Waikiki and they seem to find a loop hole to where they weren`t breaking any laws apparently so Fasi came up with a solution and just put planters along Kalakaua in the middle of the night to take up the space so they couldn`t set up their stands.He was a man of action and seem to never worry about consequences. He has done a lot for Hawaii and in my opinion they should have his services in the State Capitol. A lot of Hawaii has been developed because of Mayor Frank Fasi.I am sure he will be missed by all of Hawaii. R.I P

Arthur Lii

"I have always admired and respected Mayor Fasi," Anderson said. "He was truly one of the greatest mayors Honolulu has ever had, a visionary who spoke with action rather than words. Mayor Fasi dedicated his best years to making this city the best it could be, and we have him to thank for many of the programs and services offered by the City and County of Honolulu today. On behalf of the Anderson family, Lisa and I send our sincerest condolences to Mrs. Joyce Fasi and the family of Mayor Frank F. Fasi."

Honolulu City Councilmember Ikaika Anderson

In my short career as a political appointee in Honolulu, I worked for a prominent leader in three political parties - Republican, Democrat, and Independent - all the same guy - Mayor Frank Fasi. He did what needed to be done, cutting across all political lines to act in what he felt was the best interest of the people of Honolulu. He understood politics, but loved this city and always put it first, counting on doing the right thing right to support its people.

Jim Turse, Former Director of Housing & Community Development 1991-94

Best Fasi memory: I lived in Waikiki when he did the midnight installation of planters to keep the t-shirt people from using the sidewalks. AMAZING!!!

I used to see Fasi every morning downtown. He and Gino would go to Heidi's for coffee - at that time Heidi's was in the strip of shops at Bishop Square. He would sit at the outside table with Gino and talk to anyone about anything. Talk about an accessible politician!!!

Honolulu was lucky to have him - he will be missed. Condolences to his wife and family.....

C Haley

I was a kid when he was Mayor. He was always a rascal and didn't care what people thought. He did what was needed. I remember as a kid getting to meet him and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. It was like meeting a star. I didn't want to wash my face all day. He was a great man and will be truly missed.

Mindy Willers

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Remembering Frank Fasi
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