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Tropical chill hits the Hawaiian islands

Specialist Tyrone Berthiaume Specialist Tyrone Berthiaume
Anela Carlos Anela Carlos

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Grab those extra blankets - it's cold thanks to those north winds blowing in a big dry air mass after Tuesday's rain.

The record for this day is 55 degrees set in 1976. Hawaii didn't get that cold, but the wind chill sent shivers down a lot of peoples' spines.

"This morning about 5:00, everyone was in formation. It was kind of funny because we're all standing really close, everyone was trying to stay warm," said Specialist Tyrone Berthiaume, a U.S. Army soldier based at Schoffield Barracks.

At Wahiawa, one of the coldest areas on Oahu, Hawaii News Now's thermometer registered at 63 degrees. It may not seem that bad but if you factor in the wind chill it feels a lot colder.

"It's kind of like being up in the snow in Kona when we went all the way up to the snow. That cold? Yeah, that's how it feels for me," said Anela Carlos, who was among the folks bundled up while watching a softball scrimmage at Mililani's Kipapa Park. The temperature there was 62 degrees.

And out at the Honolulu International Airport, travelers hoping to escape from the cold on the mainland to come to Hawaii for some sunshine may be a little disappointed. The airport's temperature gauge read 63 degrees.

To put that into perspective, that's only a few degrees warmer than the Ice Palace in Salt Lake, where workers say it's 57 degrees on the ice. 

The chilly weather can actually be risky for some. 

According to several health articles, temperatures as mild as 60 degrees can trigger hypothermia in the elderly.

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