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January 27, 2010

Local connection

Aloha. I'm Rick Blangiardi, the general manager of KGMB AND KHNL.

In the weeks ahead, I'll be talking with you about issues that concern and affect all of us, perhaps, will even spur some public debate.

I would like to ask for your involvement in this process by requesting that you respond to me from time to time.

So sometimes when you see me, i'll be addressing a new topic, and other times I'll be sharing some of the views we're getting from the community - from you or your neighbor. A true, ongoing "local connection." We won't always agree, but, hey...sometimes maybe we can find a consensus... maybe even get something done. Let me start by asking you in this first edition, what issues you feel we need to get into this kind of forum.

You can email me directly at rblangiardi@hawaiinewsnow.com. For me this is the best part of 'Live-Local-Connected'... you and me together, getting people to think about the issues that matter to Hawaii nei. Aloha.

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