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Final Senate vote set for Kubo nomination

Ed Kubo Ed Kubo
Mary Jean Castillo-Barkley Mary Jean Castillo-Barkley
Senator Clayton Hee Senator Clayton Hee
Senator Brian Taniguchi Senator Brian Taniguchi

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Yes or No to Ed Kubo? Hawaii's former U.S. Attorney is up for Circuit Court Judge, but his nomination is under fire.

On Wednesday, the Senate will hand down its final vote. Will the criticism hurt Kubo's chances?

On Tuesday, at least three senators met privately with Kubo to discuss their concerns. It appears Kubo's chances of becoming judge look more promising than they did last week.

Supporters of Kubo rallied at the Capitol Tuesday evening hoping to wave away the criticism that may hurt the former U.S. Attorney's nomination for Circuit Court Judge.

"I just want the Senate to hear the people's voice and know that Ed Kubo is well-loved, well-respected by the community," said Mary Jean Castillo-Barkley, who organized the rally.

Last week, a Senate committee deadlocked 3-3 during Kubo's confirmation hearing.

The vote came down after two Deputy U.S. Attorneys who used to work under Kubo criticized his job performance.

"There were some issues where the court found that his behavior and conduct could have been better," said Senator Clayton Hee.

In 1997, Kubo failed to return to court during a power outage at the federal courthouse.

The judge was so upset, he dismissed the case

"If you dismiss a case against somebody, that's kind of the ultimate sanction," said Senator Brian Taniguchi.

Taniguchi says it's a sanction Kubo failed to put on his judicial application.

"The fact that he didn't disclose it initially bothers a lot of people," he said.

Senator Taniguchi is one of the committee members who voted against Kubo.

He also points to the Baker bank robbery case where Kubo made such inappropriate comments, the conviction was overturned.

"He argued that the defendant's silence shows that they were guilty," said Taniguchi.

But Senators Taniguchi and Hee say Kubo's resume as former U.S. Attorney does shine.

And they say Kubo eased some of their concerns, saying he admitted he should've probably disclosed the cases in question.

"I guess I'm leaning to vote for him with some reservations," said Taniguchi.

"My intention tomorrow is to vote in support of Ed Kubo," said Hee.

The Senate's final vote on Kubo's nomination is set for Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.


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