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Sacred Hearts Academy offers free math workshop for girls

(HawaiiNewsNow) - Math skills are important in everyday life, and Sacred Hearts Academy wants young girls to be prepared. We have Deborah Kula of the school's math department in this morning, along with 2nd grade students Maia Bristow-Canfield and Ainsley Sell.

Sacred Hearts Academy is hosting a free Math Power workshop on Saturday, February 6, 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. The workshop is open to island girls, junior-kindergarten (age 4) to grade 4. The goal of the workshop is to empower girls at an early age for math success and to inspire parents on how best to help their daughters succeed.

Parents attending the workshop will participate in a session with a panel led by Dr. Joesph Zilliox, University of Hawaii Professor of Mathematics Education, while their daughters enjoy hands-on classes designed to make math practical and fun. Parents will learn how math has changed in today's classroom and what they can do at home to encourage achievement.

The girls will participate in two age-appropriate sessions. Some examples of the sessions include: planning travel using budgeting skills and learning number sense and geometric shapes through music and movement, literature, and crafts. Other sessions will focus on using math to create fine arts and textiles, implementing math skills in a bowling game, creating edible play dough using mixing and measuring skills.

According to Betty White, Sacred Hearts Academy head of school, "Encouraging girls at an early age to succeed in math is a building block for future school and career success. Parental involvement is key to raising math savvy daughters."

To register for the free workshop, call 734-5058 x262 or e-mail or sign up online at

Math Power For Girls

Junior Kindergarten: "C" is for Cooking, Creating, and Counting!

The JK Math Power Program will provide young four year old girls with two sessions of early experiences in number sense and geometric shapes.

Session I, "Super Shape Shifters" will present shapes in a combination of real-world and imaginary contexts. The girls will create fun geometric shapes through art activities.

Session II, "Friendship Trail Mix" will present concepts in number sense and patterning through cooking and crafts.

These stimulating sessions will provide young girls with hands-on opportunities to explore math in a fun and exciting way.

Senior Kindergarten: Artists Use Math: Shapes and Patterns

In session 1, students will explore the concept of shapes and patterns. They will discover that math is often used to create fine art! In this session, students will apply their understanding of shapes and patterns by making their own jewelry and creating t-shirt designs.

In session 2, students will explore how artists use math when they create fine art and textiles such as clothing. Students will learn the difference between 2 dimensional shapes and 3 dimensional solids and how professionals such as architects, engineers, and artists use geometry in their jobs. Come and create your own fine artwork using shapes that overlap like the artist Wassily Kandinsky, and build a structure of solids made out of toothpicks and clay!

Grades 1 & 2:

Welcome to the World of Restaurants!

In session 1, girls will experience fun-filled activities in the restaurant business, incorporating money and measurement. They will practice their money skills by purchasing foods and services. They will also be making a special treat to take home, being sure to use appropriate measurements to get the recipe just right!

Math Bowling

Everyone plays a sport or wants to play a sport! In this engaging activity, girls will have fun bowling while learning important math skills! This hands-on math game will include estimating, counting, graphing, adding, subtracting, and counting money.

Grades 3 & 4:

Having Fun with Play Dough

It is time to put on your aprons and discover how measuring skills aren't only used to find the lengths and widths of objects, but also to create fun projects in the comfort of your own kitchen. Grades 3 and 4 students will engage in a hands-on experiment creating play dough with Kool-Aid. Students will use critical thinking and measuring skills, so be prepared to learn a new way to make those boring days at home more entertaining!

Vacation in Mexico!

With Mexico as their final destination, students will learn how to plan a vacation on a budget. They will use addition, subtraction, estimation, and decision-making skills to ensure they don't overspend on air travel, meals, hotels, or activities. They will have to prioritize what is most important to make their vacation a once in a lifetime experience – a first class seat, a fancy meal, a five-star hotel, or engaging cultural activities. vamos a ir a México!

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