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Waikiki Revival: Na Kumu O Ke Ola

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - There's a revival coming to waikiki. Native Hawaiians from all over the islands are coming down, including Alapa'i from Molokai and his family. Kuki Navales is the organizer joined Sunrise to give us a preview of the event.

Kumuola Foundation presents Waikiki Revival: Na Kumu O Ke Ola (The Sources of Life), a Hawaiian Cultural Festival. We feature Na Kumu, the Master Artisans and Practitioners of Life, as well as the Trees and Plants that give us Life. Kumuola Foundation's main purpose is to continue to express the traditions and passions of Hawaii through supporting our Cultural Artisans and Practitioners and their needs, enabling the arts and practices of Hawaii to live on forever.

This event will have ongoing Hawaiian Music, Hula, Hana No'eau- Art and Craft demonstrations, Hawaiian food booths/local foods, and Education about Hawaiian organizations that practice Hawaiian culture. Some specific activities include Poi pounding; education of land and native plants; Kapa making; Lauhala weaving; Lomilomi/healing; Lei making; and Hula. We feature the Master Artisans and Practitioners of the Hawaiian culture and their apprentices, working together to showcase the many Hawaiian values and life lessons of our people.

We are honored to feature our Master Artisans and Practitioners who will be demonstrating their art/craft/skill or be present to ho'olauna, share their knowledge. We'll feature Healing Expert Kaipo Kaneakua; Kalo Expert Keoki Fukumitsu; Lei Expert Ainsley Halemanu; Feather Works Expert Paulette Kahalepuna; Kapa Expert Mililani Hanapi; Wood/Stone Works Expert Alapa'i Hanapi; and 'Ulana Lauhala Expert Kenoe Manicas. We are awaiting confirmation for 'Olelo Expert William Kalikolehua Panui; Hula Expert Namahana Kalama-Panui. Along with these Master Practitioners, we will feature our local Musicians and Singers, such as Melveen Leed and Rodney Cazimero, Tony C and Brother Noland, KumZ and Halau I ka Wekiu, Waipuna, Keale, Mailani, and the Kumuola Serenaders. The event will be held in Waikiki, within the Trader Vic's Courtyard in the International Market Place. This will be our opportunity to promote Queen Emma Land Co's International Market Place and Kumuola Tree of Life, Venue to Express the Traditions and Passions of Hawai'i, which is a branch of Kumuola Foundation. Kumuola Tree of Life is located directly upstairs of the courtyard in room 212 and is comprised of four spaces to perpetuate and cultivate Hawaiian culture. The first main space is 3500 sq. ft. and able to accommodate various types of dance, music and craft events. Upstairs is Tree of Life Studios, a recording studio led by owner Nicholas Navales, which promotes local musicians and artists. Next door is a smaller retail space featuring local artists' completed works such as CDs, DVDs, lei, woven products, wood works, etc., headed by Kanoe Cazimero Fukumitsu. And last, there is our Haka Lomilomi space headed by master healer Kaipo Kaneakua, with a few massage tables and a small waiting area.

Waikiki Revival: Na Kumu O Ke Ola will focus on bringing more people into Waikiki, locals as well as tourists, and educate them about our cultural connection to the land. These are the lands of our Ali'i Kupuna, our Kings and Queens, therefore we want to recognize and reestablish Waikiki as a sacred domain. We are here to protect the traditional and customary rights of our people and share the light of Aloha to the world. Throughout the festival, all people will have the educational opportunities to be immersed in the culture, language, arts, foods, etc. Participants are able to learn from the masters themselves through the concept of 'Hana ka 'Ike,' - to learn by doing. Health is an important concern for our native Hawaiian people. We'll offer fresh, organic fruits from mauka to makai; kalo, 'uala, 'awa, I'a and share their health benefits. Kumuola is a resource for foods that are grown organically and locally, fruits that give life and energy.

This event is a crucial gathering because this is the time for all people to come in unity, lokahi a me ke aloha. People attending will gain cultural awareness and leave with more respect for the people and lands of Hawaii. This is a prime time to feature the master artisans and practitioners working collectively with na haumana, this is a time for the people of Hawaii to rise and stand as one. Waikiki Revival: Na Kumu o Ke Ola will be a benefit for all of Hawaii; culture, people, land and all within. Expected attendance is 3,000-5,000 people, malihini a me na kama'aina.

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