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Life's Simple 7

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - February is heart month and the American Heart Association is gearing up with its own new year resolution. Achieving ideal cardiovascular health, AHA's 2020 goal is to improve American's cardiovascular health by 20 percent. Doctor William Dang joined Sunrise to explain.

Study highlights:

• For the first time, the American Heart Association has defined poor, intermediate and ideal cardiovascular health - using seven easy-to-understand measures.

• This new definition, focusing on health factors and lifestyle behaviors, comes when an association survey finds that nearly four in 10 American adults (39 percent) think they have ideal heart health; yet 54 percent of those said a health professional had told them they had a risk factor for heart disease and/or needed to make a lifestyle change to improve their heart health.

• Armed with these findings, the American Heart Association has launched a national goal to not only reduce deaths from cardiovascular diseases and stroke but also to improve the cardiovascular health of Americans.

• The association has developed a new online resource to help people assess their health and develop unique steps to change behavior and improve their heart health goals.

To help people improve their heart health, the American Heart Association has developed a new online resource - My Life Check. The short assessment easily identifies the seven goals for ideal health and notes where a person is on the spectrum, while additional tools and information offer specific action steps to improve the measurements and track personal progress toward better health.

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