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Movie review: "A Single Man"

British actor Colin Firth stars in the new movie, "A Single Man." And he's so good he's almost guaranteed to get a Best Actor nomination.
 "A Single Man" is a heartbreaking film about the grief of a middle aged gay man whose partner of 16 years  died in a car accident.

Firth quietly conveys all the pain and isolation of this man at a time,1962, when gays were an invisible minority in this country.
 The poignant script, Firth's masterful performance, and director Tom Ford's elegant style of filmmaking make "A Single Man" one of the best films of the year.

 Imagine losing your partner of many years and being told his family doesn't want you at his funeral. That's what Colin Firth as professor George Falconer must endure.
He's devastated and sees no reason to live. Eight months after Jim's death in a car crash, George resolves to take his own life after one last day on this earth.

 The film follows him through that day as he remembers the past and looks at everything and everyone for what he believes will be the very last time.

Even his best female friend and one time lover doesn't understand the relationship that gave his life meaning. Julianne Moore is Charlie, a divorcee, whose loneliness is almost as deep as George's.

As they get drunk that evening, she says to him, "What you and Jim had was wonderful, but wasn't it just a substitute for something else?

"Is that what your really think after all these years?" George replies. "Jim was just some kind of substitute for real love....Jim was not a substitute for anything. Do you understand?" he rages. "And there is no substitute for Jim anywhere."

"A Single Man" is based on a novel by Christopher Isherwood. Tom Ford's movie version is both satisfying and deeply moving.

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