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Neighbors suspect drugs fueled violent attack on elderly woman, caregiver

Gabby Weightman Gabby Weightman
Leona Weightman Leona Weightman

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

WAIALAE-KAHALA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Neighbors don't believe the attack on an elderly woman and her caregiver in Waialae-Kahala Thursday was random, saying they suspect the caregiver had become involved in illegal activity.

Several hours after two people were viciously assaulted in their Halekoa Drive home, police returned to the scene to look for more clues and conduct interviews.  Neighbors identified the victims as Mary Lee Koskinen, 85, and her live-in caregiver, Matthew Edmondson, 40.

"She's elderly and she can barely defend herself.  She never leaves the house," Gabby Weightman, neighbor, said.  "So it just shocked me that someone would even like do that to such a helpless woman."

But those who live on this quiet street suspect illicit drugs had something to do with it.

"The neighborhood all kind of knew that our neighbor was kind of going down hill because he was a really nice guy, really clean cut before, and you can just tell there was something wrong just by the way he presented himself," Weightman said about Edmondson.

Next-door neighbor Leona Weightman says Koskinen, who has dementia, and her caregiver have lived in the house for about a decade, but are not originally from Hawaii.

"They moved here together and bought that house," Leona Weightman said.  "They're the only family that they have.  He doesn't, his family is in California and she doesn't really have any family, so they're pretty much it."

She says the hospital told her Edmondson was still unconscious.  The elderly victim is doing much better.

"She's arguing with people, which is her nature," Leona Weightman said.  "So I said if she's arguing with you, then that's her."

The attackers may have left a key piece of evidence behind. Gabby Weightman found a bloody jacket in the bushes up the hill.

"I picked it up and looked at it and on the sleeves, the cuffs, there was like blood on it," Gabby Weightman said. "So I saw some police officers and I showed it to them."

The case is classified as a first-degree robbery. If you have information about this case, call police.

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