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Good Things: Young student, Rescued turtles, Baby elephant

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A new student at a Kansas college is not like the others. Alex Jaeger, is just 11 years old. The gifted young man, is stating his first semester at Pittsburg State University. His parents say, Alex was intrigued by numbers and clocks at an early age and even taught himself fractions in kindergarten. Alex is a double major in science and music.

27 turtles are back home in the wild, warmed up after they were shell-shocked by Florida's cold snap. Workers with "the turtle hospital" released the green sea turtles into the Florida Keys. The turtles were "stunned" during the sunshine state's cold weather earlier this month and basically needed to warm up and eat.

And a Melbourne zoo witnessed the first birth of a baby elephant, in its 147 year history. After a 22-month pregnancy, a female Asian elephant gave birth to the calf over the weekend. The baby girl is about 200 pounds, and was conceived through artifical insemination. She has yet to be named.

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