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Sharks spotted near whale carcass off Oahu

Timothy Watson Timothy Watson
Cpt. Raul Fallau Cpt. Raul Fallau

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

PUNALUU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's a feast for sharks off Windward Oahu on Friday, where a dead whale is stuck on a reef about a hundred yards off a Punaluu Beach. A flyover by the Coast Guard this morning found no sharks in the area.

But by Friday afternoon, Sky News Now spotted at least two of the predators lurking near the carcass.

Two different views, two different intentions as people watched from the beach, sharks swam by to take a bite out of it.

"This morning, my wife said somebody out here looking at the water, looks like a boat, she thought it was a rock, but obviously we've been here long enough to know it's not a rock," Punaluu resident Timothy Watson said.

Instead, it was a massive whale carcass. On Thursday night, Perry Dane saw it surrounded by a school of big fish. He called authorities Friday morning.

"We're here to see if there are any divers or anybody in the water at this time and to get them out of the water," Honolulu Fire Department captain Raul Fallau said.

Watson lives in a beach front home in Punaluu. It's just a hundred yards from the carcass.

"Our concern is the smell if it washes up on the beach, the health and hazard to be a cause and obviously the sharks, near the reef area, because it is a very popular diving spot," he said.

City emergency crews at Punaluu Beach Park told people on Friday to stay out of the waters. But no warning signs were posted because they didn't see any sharks.

However, exclusive video captured by Sky News Now shows two sharks roaming around the area.

"It's pretty wild, we love whales and my wife loves whales, we go whale watching all the time on Maui, but to have a dead one, it's kind of sad," Watson said.

Experts are meeting to determine the next steps. They're not quite sure yet what kind of whale it is but they don't believe it is the one that was entangled and spotted off of the Big Island last weekend.

Crews will continue to monitor the carcass. They fear if they move it now, it may break off into many pieces, thus attracting more sharks. They're hoping a high tide will drift it to shore, so they can remove it.

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