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Effort to rename park after Obama stalls

President Barack Obama President Barack Obama

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - President Obama may have to wait a bit longer to have a beach park in Hawaii named after him. Mufi Hannemann's proposal to rename Magic Island, president Barack Obama Beach Park stalled in a city council committee Thursday.

Current law says city facilities can only be named after people who are deceased.

The city council's Public Safety and Services Committee said they didn't like that the bill is specific in allowing only a President of the United States born in Hawaii to be exempt from the rule.

The committee suggested that the administration come back with a bill that would allow a city facility to be named after any living person.

Council member Charles Djou says he supports the city eventually naming something after the president, just not at this time.

"We should at least wait until after he leaves the presidency before we start renaming any public property after the President" he said in a statement.

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