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Puppies thrown in dumpster

This is the female puppy from the above photo, after being rescued This is the female puppy from the above photo, after being rescued
Kale Lyman Kale Lyman
Tisha Steele Tisha Steele

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

WAIANAE (HawaiiNewsNow) - They were six newborns. Someone tossed the puppies into a dumpster at the Waianae boat harbor. They were buried in trash.

"Their umbilical chords were still attached. They were hours old. They didn't even have a chance," Kale Lyman said.

Someone phoned Lyman in the early hours of Tuesday morning with the emergency call. She's known all over the Leeward coast for rescuing dogs.

When she showed up two of the pups were dead.

She revived the others but she couldn't find a surrogate mother. So she turned them over to the Hawaiian Humane Society.

"I'm not categorizing what kind of person did this other than they're definitely heartless and cruel," she said.

Lyman runs a group called K9 Kokua. They save abandoned animals and help homeless families care for their pets.

"We're here to supply food but most importantly, medical care, spay neuter education. It's badly needed out here," she said.

Once a week Lyman and two other women comb the coastline. Under a veterinarian's supervision they treat sick dogs and look for strays.

"If we have foster care available we'll find a foster home to place them in," K9 Kokua member Tisha Steele said.

The organization gets donations that help pay the way. But the women buy a lot of their own supplies.

The work is rewarding and emotional.

The puppies in the dumpster were too weak to survive.

"It doesn't stop us. It just fuels us more to keep going," Lyman said.

"We can't save them all but we can sure try," Steele said.

They do -- one dog at a time.

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