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Fitness Month: Trampoline

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Dr. Max Vercyussen has been training gymnasts for decades. In fact, his daughter Nani was featured on Sunrise as a Superkid for being a world champion in trampoline gymnastics. But you don't have to be a professional to get the fitness benefits. Malika Dudley went to the Hawaii Academy to show you this creative way to work out.

Here is an excerpt from their website:

We have recreational classes, tumbling, gymnastics and parent-child classes. If you are interested in competitive athletics, see our competitive team practice schedules and 2009 Competition Schedule. All participants are required to complete a registration form.

Each year we host three competitions, two slumber parties, and weekly Friday Fun Nights (once monthly this event is called called Parents' Night Out) and they are open to all Academy members, their friends, their neighbors, everyone.

Unlike most other fitness schools (anywhere), we emphasize multi-generational participation. The Academy serves as a second home for the family as a place that promotes exercise throughout life, for each generation, in a safe environment that facilitates cooperation, group and individual motivation, determination, respect, and well-being.

By promoting adult and senior participation, children today see themselves as future active adults. We have a broad range of adult programs (fitness, trampoline, tumbling, dance, martial arts, & circus skills) and two seniors (60+ yrs) fitness classes. We have had two year old to 97 year old state champions on the trampoline and several four-generation families competing in our meets.

We have remedial classes for special needs populations and training programs for world class athletes. We provide educationally challenging and fun activities for ALL ages and abilities with gender equality.

If you are interested in trying a FREE TRIAL class. Click here for more information.

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