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Obama outlines steps to correct future security failures

President Barack Obama President Barack Obama

WASHINGTON (HawaiiNewsNow) - President Barack Obama says the foiled Christmas Day airliner attack over Detroit exposed "a potentially disastrous" security failure in which the US intelligence community had enough information to foil the terrorist plot ahead of time, but didn't.

Obama spoke to the press late Tuesday afternoon Washington time after he had met with his national security team for several hours to go over a pair of reviews he ordered into last month's attempted terror attack.

"The US government had sufficient information to have uncovered this plot, and to potentially disrupt the Christmas day attack, but our intelligence community failed to connect those dots, which would have placed the subject on the no-fly list" said Obama.

Obama told reporters the security lapse didn't have to do with the collection of information but with the failure to integrate and analyze what was there.

"The information was there. Agencies and analysts who needed it had access to it, and our professionals were trained to look  for it, and bring it all together. I will accept that intelligence by its nature is imperfect, but it is increasingly clear that intelligence was not fully analyzed and not fully leveraged. That's not acceptable, and I will not tolerate it"

Obama promised a thorough review of the terrorist watch list system. He asked his advisors to complete reviews of the governments counter-terrorism measures this week and provide specific recommendations on how to fix the problems uncovered in the foiled plot.

"We have to do better and we will do better and we have to do it quickly. American lives are on the line."

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