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Good Things: Radford cheerleaders, Vodka de-icing, New Year pigs

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Radford High school cheerleaders are returning to Hawaii as national champions. The squad was named grand champions at the national cheerleading association championships in Dallas. That's like the Super Bowl of cheerleading! They also took top honors in the co-ed advanced high school division. Congratulations to them.

Vodka de-icing? That's correct. It's a popular ingredient in cocktails during the holidays, but who knew it was also great for melting ice and snow? An Indiana company says its product comes from a by-product of the popular drink, and it's environmentally safe and less corrosive than even distilled water. The distributor says when he tells people about the secret ingredient they say it makes sense because vodka doesn't ice up in the freezer.

The Berlin zoo has unveiled a batch of piglets just in time for 2010. According to german tradition if Latin American peccaries are born in mid-winter that means you'll have great luck for the new year. The pigs are considered good luck charms in a number of cultures around the world.

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