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'Green channel' seeks to share Hawaii's efforts to go green

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - From recycling to alternative energy, Hawaii is finding new and innovative ways to sustain our island lifestyle, more and more each day. And to document it all is the "Green channel," which seeks to share Hawaii's efforts to go green with the world.

The new digital cable channel 332 is lauded as the "first eco-conscious television network in the nation." A big "first" for Hawaii.

"We feel like Hawaii is the place that should be doing it. We have unlimited sun and wind sustainability. We think that its time that we try to take the lead and see what we can do with that," said Jon Brekke, Producer & Director, Green Channel.

The first group to jump on board as a partner was the City's Department of Environmental Services, with their Opalavision Program.

"Opalavision focuses on how we deal with the counties opala - the Hawaiian term for garbarge," said Tim Steinberger Director, Environmental Services Department, City & County of Honolulu.

Promoting recycling has been a county initiative for years. The next obvious step was to use the power of the media to further promote the message of going green.

"Television is a terrific media. It reaches a lot of households where people are sitting in their living rooms as opposed to going to a public presentation," said Steinberger.

What is even more attractive is its interactive, on-demand features. "You can actually scroll through the channel and find the particular things that you want to see," said Steinberger.

This is just the beginning and Jim and Nate hope to see the channel grow with an infusion of community-created content.

"TV channels or studios create programming. We're going to aggregate, which means that anyone can produce at all ages at all levels. That's where the vision of the Green Channel begins, is how far can we take it?," said Brekke.

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