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Many travelers report no major delays despite heightened airport security

Mary Nguyen Mary Nguyen
Gabrielle Hominh Gabrielle Hominh
Mark Witt Mark Witt
Chad Richter Chad Richter

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Despite increased security at airports following two scares in Detroit, many passengers arriving in Honolulu Sunday said they did not experience any unusual travel delays.

Before an excited Mary Nguyen answered any questions, she wanted this reporter to take a picture of her with her daughter. After a second scare involving a Northwest flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, the Hawaii resident was worried her daughter wouldn't make it from Canada for New Year's.

"I'm looking for the exit, but she's not there," Nguyen said. "I look a long time and you come. Hmm...I'm happy."

There was no back-up at a security checkpoint at the Honolulu International Airport Sunday afternoon. Gabrielle Hominh says it was a different scene in Montreal.

"I barely made it to my gate on time," she said. "They were very secure. They patted me down like from head to toe and every nook and cranny."

But most of the passengers arriving on a United flight from Chicago said it was smooth sailing, even with the drama in Detroit.

"You were actually in Detroit. What was the mood like out there?" this reporter asked traveler Mark Witt.

"You know, I heard a lot about it on the news, but when I got there it seemed like business as usual, no additional security," the Chicago resident replied. "They said there was pat downs. There was nothing."

"We thought we'd certainly have some delays or longer lines and, you know, trying to go through the airport, but we didn't have that at all," Chad Richter, Nebraska resident, said. "I mean, in both Omaha and in Chicago, it was pretty easy."

That was a relief for the Richters, who are traveling with four young children.

"It's more treacherous with the kids than anything, just traveling through the snow in the airports with all the luggage," Richter said. "But, no, it was pretty uneventful."

While things did go smoothly for most of the passengers this reporter spoke with, airlines officials are urging customers to anticipate longer security lines and plan accordingly.

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