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Teen given gift of sight

Kingston Fereti Kingston Fereti
Shann Fereti Shann Fereti
Dr. John Olkowski Dr. John Olkowski

Honolulu - (Hawaii News Now) A freak accident left an eighth grader at Highland Intermediate blind in his left eye. The injury meant he couldn't play any of the sports he loves. But last week a state of the art procedure fixed his eyesight so well he can see near, far and everywhere in between and it was all thanks to a big donation.

One thing better than Kingston Fereti's smile is his sight, because he lost vision in his left eye after an accident at school.

"My friend Don threw a stick and it cut my eye," explained Kingston Fereti.

"I was terrified because he was crying on the phone and (the nurse) told me something had happened and he said he got hurt. His eye was sore," said Shann Fereti, Kingston's Mom.

That was last April. At the time they had no idea how bad the damage was until they saw a specialist.

"The laceration was through the cornea here which was stitched up, but it also hit the lens inside the eye and then the lens turned cloudy and that's a cataract," said Dr. John Olkowski, a surgeon with Eyesight Hawaii, who was the first in Hawaii to perform the procedure.

Cataracts are common for older folks but certainly not teenagers. They could do basic surgery but he'd still need glasses and his vision wouldn't be very good, which made him mad.

"Because I couldn't play any sports," said Kingston.

There was a state of the art procedure involving an implant called a Crystalens. Trouble is its $4,000 and not covered by insurance. So they contacted Bausch & Lomb which agreed to donate the Crystalens.

"We weren't expecting it but we were praying for a miracle and this is really something for us to rejoice about this Christmas," said Shann Fereti.

"What a wonderful gift for them to donate their lens and I was more than happy to donate my services. It has a good feel to it all the way around," said Dr. Olkowski.

Now Kingston not only looks cool in shades he can also see through them and his future looks bright.

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