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After-Christmas sales draw crowds

John McRoberts John McRoberts
Marvin Pascua Marvin Pascua
Jenna Laimana Jenna Laimana
Baby Gepilano Baby Gepilano
Ariel Russell Ariel Russell

By Ben Gutierrez - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Saturday was the start of the after-Christmas shopping season, and big sales drew big crowds to the malls. 

All you had to do was look at the parking lot at Ala Moana Center. There were cars everywhere.

Once you got in, there were signs advertising sales in just about every window.

And there were tons of shoppers -- some of whom had been there since 7 a.m.

"Well, let's see, we've been to Sears, we've been to Macy's, we've stopped by the Chanel store. We've been many stores in between," said John McRoberts, shopper.

"Today has really good sales 'cause a lot of people are returning things, so I decided to take advantage and go shopping," said Marvin Pascua, shopper.

Marvin Pascua usually doesn't shop the day after Christmas, but decided to get some things for himself. 

At Ala Moana, there were not only signs but also were lines. Like the one outside Victoria's Secret.

Shopper Jenna Laimana said she doesn't usually shop the day after Christmas, but gift certificates brought her out this year.

Usually, the day after Christmas is the day to exchange or return gifts, but it looks like a lot of people this year got gift cards, and they're taking advantage of deep discounts.

Even visitors have taken advantage of the sales, like Philippine Airlines flight attendant Baby Gepilano.

She came straight from the airport to visit Victoria's Secret and Old Navy:

"Yes, exactly because it's like 60% off to 75% off. That's a good deal already," said Gepilano.

The crowd is good news for retailers. They say that while this year's holiday sales may still be sluggish, people buying today will keep sales figures ahead of last year:

"Today, when I came to work, there was a line at the register," said Ariel Russell of Kahala Sportswear. "And on Christmas Eve, we were able to keep things going and there wasn't any holdup. Today we had many more customers in the morning and we're hoping to keep that flow through the day."

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