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Wanted Wednesday: Jean Juliano

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - She has three warrants out for her arrest for crimes like burglary and car theft. But Jean Juliano has managed to elude authorities. She's the focus of this week's Wanted Wednesday case file.

May 18, 2007. A 34-year-old man living on Lumi street in Waipahu answers a knock at the door. His former roommate Jean Juliano forces her way in.

"She grabs a bag that he has on the ground and makes demands, tells him if he doesn't follow her demands, she's going to take the bag so he's trying to comply. He turns and she runs off with the bag," said Kim Buffett, Crimestoppers.

Police later arrested Juliano for unauthorized entry into a dwelling.

August 4, 2008. A police officer parked at this Tesoro 2 go in Pearl City spotted something strange.

"He noticed a car reversing out of the gas station, but she's going the wrong way in traffic so he stops her, runs the license plate, finds out that the vehicle is stolen," said Buffett.

Juliano was arrested for unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle. The 32-year-old is wanted for two $20,000 probation revocation warrants and a $25,000 department of public safety warrant for burglary.

"She frequents the Waipahu, Honolulu area. She has five prior convictions for auto theft, she has TRO violations," said Buffett.

Jean Juliano is this week's Wanted Wednesday fugitive. She is described as 5'7, weighs 137 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. Helping police catch her could put $1000 in your wallet.

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