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Kapolei Civic Club is partners with HECO to preserve history

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaiian Civic Clubs, established by prince Kuhio in 1918, play an important role in nurturing the cultural heritage of our communities.

The Civic Club in Kapolei is partnering with HECO to uncover and preserve the powerful history of that special place.

We're off to the land of Kapo for a community service day.

"As I understand it, she was one of Pele's sisters. She was a teacher of hula," said Lance Holden.

The community wants the stories of this place to live.

"So when you have an event in Kapolei you should have hula, and so this is why we have this," said Lance.

Lance is referring to the hula mound built by the Kapolei Civic Club.

"So that a hulau can come here and dance and do their chanting here, and that's what we would like it to be, for just hula," said Lance.

Civic clubs also look for partners to help with their work in the community.

"Today we are working with HECO. We're clearing out the weeds and the naupaka that has overgrown the area," said Lance.

"We've been learning about why the naupaka is so prolific here and Lance just said it's sort of survival of the fittest. They planted a whole bunch of plants and this seemed to like it, so it's meant to be," said Kauiulani de Silva Director, Education & Consumer Affairs, HECO.

"When we get it all cleared, we plan on just putting in grass and other native plants that we can manage," said Lance.

The legends of this land live on through the spirit of cooperation seen here.

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