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Sunny Side Up: Da Kitchen

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - This week's Sunny Side Up features Les Tomita from the very popular Maui restaurant, Da Kitchen. Les offers up three recipes from the Da Kitchen menu that are easy to make, delicious and healthy: Rotisserie Chicken Salad, Lemon Mahi and Teriyaki Salmon.

Lemon Mahi (serves 4)

-Mahi Mahi qty 4 of (4oz filets)

-Tbs vegetable oil

-Bell pepper 1 pepper each of the following (yellow,orange,red)

take out seeds and dice

-Napa Cabbage (12oz) or half of head cabbage shredded

-Lemon- 1 cut in half

-Garlic 1 clove (pinch)

-1 tbl spoon


-1 oz wine deglaze or

-1 can chicken broth

Cook on a low flame: cabbage, bell peppers,pinch garlic with a vegetable oil till slightly cooked. In a separate pan cook the Mahi for a about five minutes each Mahi filet with a fourth cup of chicken broth and a squeeze half of lemon. Cook Mahi in broth till white in color, approximately 2 minutes. Do not over cook. Lay vegetable medley on a plate and lay Mahi on top.


Rotisserie Chicken Salad (serves 4)

-tofu ( 1 container)

-1 whole carrot shredded

-1 /2 head of cabbage

-rotisserie chicken (1 whole) take apart and shred

-Bell pepper 1 each diced (orange,yellow,red)

-1 whole sweet Maui onion

-Romaine (2 heads cut in half inch pieces)

-Sweet upcountry corn (two corn stalks, kernals cut from it, uncooked)

-Shitake Mushrooms 3 oz

-Brown rice (1 cup)

-oriental Dressing (1 cup)

Just mix all ingredients together large serving dish. Cook the rotisserie Chicken for a few minutes a pan to heat up. Serve Chicken hot on top of the Salad ingredients.


Teriyaki Salmon (4 servings)

-Fresh Salmon qty 4 (6oz)

-Da Kitchen Teriyaki Sauce (2 cups)

-Orange 1 cut into 4 pieces

-Cabbage (1/2 head cut and shredded)

-Sake ( 1 ounce)

-Tbsp vegetable oil

-Brown rice (1 cup)

~sear the salmon in the teriyaki sauce

Put oil in a pan and turn to Medium to low heat. Add Teriyaki Sauce and squeeze one 1/4 orange and 1 ounce sake. Let sit in a pan for two minutes. Add the Salmon filets and sear on both sides being careful not to overcook. The Salmon will look a little blackened on the outside. On separate plate lay the shredded cabbage and side of brown rice. Lay the Salmon filet on top of the cabbage.

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