Local family wishes for hope this season

Local family wishes for hope this season
Cathy Tabag
Cathy Tabag

By Oscar Valenzuela - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Tabag family Christmas photos are filled with big smiles and holiday cheer from year to year. However, this year is proving difficult to provide even the basics of Christmas.

Cathy Tabag says they can't even afford a simple Christmas tree. Both she and her husband Isaac are out of work. Cathy had back surgery but failed to heal well enough. Isaac got hurt at his job and still can't go back to work.

"I'm always behind on some kind of bill. Every month something is not being paid," Cathy Tabag said.

Added to the piling bills, there's a broken down car and they've recently had to move because they're previous house had been condemned. The year is coming to an end for the Tabags with very little to hope for this holiday season. This loving mother says she is struggling so bad she won't be able to get any gifts for her kids and there are five of them. There's Branden - age 16, Braeden - age 1, Braeven - age 11, and their two sisters, Brandee - age 11 and Breezee - age 2.

The Tabag children however, aren't filled with too much gloom. Like most kids they seem to be able to keep themselves entertained well enough. They tell each other jokes, sing, and play games, not Nintendo of course, but pat-a-cake and other simple games they invent along the way. The Tabag kids make due with very little and no complaints but they are still kids, with Christmas wishes.

Cathy says her children have mentioned things like new shoes, computers, PSP's or shopping sprees for clothing. Mom's big wish this year would be for the family car to be repaired but she would settle, at the very least, for a Christmas tree.

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