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Down the Isle: Choose the rings

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - As they get ready to go "Down the Isle", they can't do it without the rings. That's why we are at the Wedding Ring Shop.

Grace: What are you thinking when you're choosing these rings?

Tanya: Something that will go with my engagement ring, which is an antique ring, and something simple and functional.

Grace: From a guy's perspective, I know you're not into the whole jewelry thing, but what are you looking for?

Brett: Something simple and wearable. Something that matches with hers.

Grace: Something that will stay on?

Brett:  Right.

Grace: We're going to take a look at this. Take a look at what you've chosen and show the audience. Let's see what the rings look like.

Grace: There are just so many rings to choose from. Brett and Tanya narrowed it down. Tell me what their final three choices are.

Cindy: We have three collections. We have a classic collection which features two high polished gold bands. And hers is a gypsy setting. It matches her old-fashioned engagement ring. Number two is the elegant collection. It's a pave settling and a satin finish for his band.

Grace: That's sparkly and pretty.

Cindy: Three is a modern collection. His band is a high polished band and hers is channel setting.

Grace: It's more durable.

Cindy: Extremely durable. He likes durable, we know that.

Grace: This is just a small taste of what you have.

Cindy: We have a variety of designers. We have two exclusive lines that are popular. And we have a selection of different engagement rings, bands as well as earrings and pendants.

Grace: They narrowed it down to the three choices.

Cindy: Classic, elegant and modern.

Grace: Remember that you guys vote and choose the rings for our Down the Isle couple. Thank you to the Wedding Ring Shop.


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