37th Honolulu Marathon runners enjoy nice weather

37th Honolulu Marathon runners enjoy nice weather
Craig Knohl
Craig Knohl
Connie Comiso
Connie Comiso
Ev Jacobo
Ev Jacobo

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Thousands of runners took part Sunday morning in the fourth largest marathon in the nation.

It's the 37th Annual Honolulu Marathon. Nearly 24,000 runners from around the world enjoyed the pristine conditions at the 37th running of one of Hawaii's biggest sporting events.

Some were in the holiday spirit, while others wore more traditional attire. It was a day of strong finishers and not so strong ones too.

But in the end, runners had little to complain about, including the weather.

Runners say this year's conditions were near perfect, especially when it's compared to the rainy conditions of the past two years.

"Little warm, but a lot better than it can be, it can be really hot and humid, it can be raining," Manoa resident and participant Craig Knohl said.

"It was better than last year, last year was in the pouring rain, it was cool at the start and heated up a litter faster, had I run faster, it would've been a little cooler," Manoa resident and participant Connie Comiso said.

Comiso and Knohl ran it side by side all 26.2 miles, even though Craig is normally an hour ahead of her.

"Did you purposely wait for her?" Hawaii News Now asked.

"It was that or I wasn't going to run," Knohl said. "Sacrifice, that's love," Comiso said.

Comiso is a marathon veteran. She's participated in more than a hundred races and this is her 32nd Honolulu Marathon.

She finished with a time of just under three hours and 50 minutes. She admits, that's a little slower than she's used to.

"It's called age, it's what happens when you're 53," she said.

Ev Jacobo isn't in that age bracket just yet, but still he feels glad it's finally over.

"It's always a good feeling, physically it doesn't feel good, but it feels good," he said.

"Oh yeah, I'm glad it's over, I asked for a psychiatrist at the medical station, but all they had were medical doctors," Comiso said.

Kenya's Patrick Ivuti won his second straight men's title today, with a time of 2:12:14.

Russia's Svetlana Zakharova took the women's title for the third time. She crossed the finish line at 2:28:34.

Both took home $40,000 for their wins. There were more registered runners this year, from 23,232 to 23,469, although 3,148 of them either didn't finish or didn't show up.

Japanese visitors had another strong showing. They usually account for 60 percent of the field. There were 14,402 entrants from Japan, two fewer from last year.

And it wasn't all for runners. There were just over 3,000 walkers in Sunday's 10K Walk. Japanese participants registered 2,500 of that total.