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Hawaiian Christmas Ideas: Educational gifts

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - In this Hawaiian language segment we take a look at the latest Hawaiian language game craze called "Hulo!" The fast-paced, scrabble-like game is a great way to learn Hawaiian and to share the gift of language with others this holiday season.

From beginning language learners to those who are fluent, everyone can play. Last Christmas, the Kukulu card game was the craze, and this year it's Kamehameha Publishing's Hulo game.

Spelling follows the style of old Hawaiian newspapers where there are no glottal stops or macrons which allows for more word combinations. Each player take 12 tiles, and makes his own individual crossword puzzle.

And the one who completes his puzzle first, using up all the tiles, is the winner. And this winner shouts "Hulo" once they're done! And to secure victory, the winner has to explain each word in his puzzle.

Hulo is just one of Kamehameha Publishing's great educational gifts. Their moon calendar is another. It is a great gift for fishermen, farmers and all who are interested in this traditional knowledge.

And of course, there are many great books as well. One of our new books is No ka Wai o ka Puna Hou and is a story about the Punahou area and this place name. There are Hawaiian and bi-lingual versions and both include a list of vocabulary and supplemental lessons.

Visit www.kamehamehapublishing.org to order some of these great gifts!

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