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Movie Review: The Blind Side

Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock
Quentin Aaron Quentin Aaron
"Revanche" "Revanche"

By Terry Hunter

The new movie, "Blind Side," is based on a true story. Sandra Bullock stars as a white southerner who takes in a homeless African-American boy.

It's a formulaic feel-good film that manipulates the audience instead of giving us honest drama. But at least the actors are believable and the filmmaker's heart is in the right place.

Sandra Bullock is convincing as Leigh Anne, the upper middle class southerner who brings Michael, a homeless teenager into her family's home. Michael has never had his own bed before let alone his own room, and he's is nicely underplayed by Quinton Aaron.

The problem with "Blind Side" is that some of it just doesn't feel real. For example, Leigh Anne barges into football practice one day and tells Michael (a tackle) to protect the quarterback by imagining the QB is her.

In spite of its flaws, though, "The Blind Side" really does have good intentions, and Sandra Bullock's performance makes the film worth seeing.

"You're changing that boy's life," one of Leigh Anne's friends says. "No, he's changing mine," she replies.

A much better film is "Revanche" from Austria. The title means "Revenge."

This quietly powerful work was one of last year's best foreign film nominees. It's a slow paced film noir....a strong, well acted human drama with an almost perfect script. It opens Friday, December 11 at Kahala Mall.

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