Pet Photography

Pet Photography

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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Ever tried to photograph your pet, but the picture you end up with is a blur. Or you see your dog displaying so much character, you wished you could capture it for posterity? Then you might want to consider hiring a professional, a pet photographer.

With her quick camera in hand, Deb McGuire tries to capture a moment that a pet owner can truly appreciate. "When I'm looking through the eye of the lens, I'm looking for the connection to the animal. Animals are this raw bare truth and that's what I like to do, go right into their souls through their eyes."

But getting that perfect shot is not easy. Deb wears jeans to each shoot, fully expecting to get dirty. She'll lay belly side down in the mud to get down to the angle of the animal. To capture the subject's attention, she uses tons of treats that are owner approved. If that doesn't work, she'll meow like a cat, bark like a dog or squeek a toy. It's pretty amazing to witness.

We decided to use Sunny, the Sunrise mascot as Deb's next model. With the right attitude and a lot of patience, she managed to get Sunny to be picture perfect. It only took around 8 hundred shots for the session, but Deb says that's normal. As Sunny runs frantically out of camera range for the thousandth time, Deb says, "Sunny is not here to get her photo taken. she could care less about that. What she cares about is this is a good place to smell, this is a good place to play with toys and that this lady's got treats. So I just follow her along and eventually it works out."

From glamour to action shots, it certainly worked out. Her shutter flies to snatch a quick picture of Sunny at full speed. From different angles, she captures Sunny's freedom and her joy. "I fall in love every time I do a shoot whether it's a bull, a cat or a naked mall rat. It doesn't matter I fall in love. But when I get back, I'm even surprised at how great some of the shots are."

You just might be surprised what you see in her photos as well.

Deb McGuire

Pet Photographer

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