Business Report: High voltage power lines

Business Report: High voltage power lines

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The ocean science people at UH Manoa have done their study on laying high voltage power lines to Oahu from one or more islands in Maui county.

The objective is to turn Maui, Molokai and/or Lanai into exporters to Oahu of wind or solar power. The ocean science people mapped out parts of ocean bottom to figure out where the lines could go.

They ruled out bottom fish refuges, there's one of those off the Waimanalo coast and they appear to have gone for deeper water in the whale sanctuary.

They considered landing a cable either at Pearl Harbor, Honolulu Harbor or Kaneohe. They ruled out steep slopes, which can be found on the most direct alignment from Lanai to Pearl Harbor, and they ruled out landslide areas, which can be found north of Molokai.

Here's an interesting detail: they saw some cables on the ocean floor that they couldn't identify.

If you care about the issue you should Google for the report online. Unlike most important planning studies, this one has lots of pictures and maps and is fascinating to read.