A perspective on Coach Mack's second season

A perspective on Coach Mack's second season

By Mike Cherry - bio | email

MANOA (Hawaii News Now) - Perception is everything. Even in football. The Warrior football team's 6-7 record may not seem impressive at first glance but when you put it in perspective with his predecessors a once empty glass can look half full.

In their second season as head coach Fred Vonappen (3-9) and June Jones (3-9) both posted just 3-wins apiece and 6-victory's combined, Coach Mack's team won the same amount of games in 2009.

Of Mack's two predecessors only Jones (9-3) had a winning season (VonAppen finished 0-12). McMackin says he expects the true nature of his coaching staffs efforts to flourish beginning next season. "well, I would think so." Says Mack, "usually it's the 4th or 5th year. But the way this has happened, by losing so many good players in the first 2-years, next year will be our 2nd recruiting class with the freshmen coming in. It usually takes you 4 to 5 years to get your people ingrained and that's what I'm looking at."

The only way to see what happens next is with patience.