Hawaiian Christmas Ideas: Fashion designer Nakeu Awai

Hawaiian Christmas Ideas: Fashion designer Nakeu Awai

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - From aloha shirts to muumuus, local fashion designer Nakeu Awai presents Hawaiian wear with pizzazz. The fame of this former Hollywood-dancer-turned-designer may come as much from his fashion shows as they do from his fashion designs.

It's very different from normal fashion shows because he shows his clothes secondary to usually putting on a show around a theme.

This year's theme was "I'll Buy You A Star" featuring local performers like Joe Recca and Randy Hongo. All of the performers in here have a role as far as acting, dancing, and the clothes are their accessories.

Nakeu is no stranger to putting on a good show. Prior to his career as a fashion designer, he danced for over a decade in Hollywood, where he also dabbled in fashion. We did macrame for celebrities like Lena Horne and Elvis Presley.

As Christmas Day nears, shoppers have been filing into Nakeu's tiny Kalihi shop, navigating their ways through the clothes on a quest for one thing.

Well they've been looking for the Christmas shirt. I bought this fabric it was Christmas trees. But if you turn it upside down it looks like the fern grotto. And so we printed the male hula dancers going through the fern grotto.

Nakeu is adamant about folks knowing the meaning behind his local motifs. You see? Let me turn it upside down. You see the Christmas trees? You see the Christmas trees?

Visit Nakeu's shop off Houghtailing for your Christmas aloha shirt!