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Weird Science: Yeast & H2O2 Volcano

Things you need:

· ½ cup of Hydrogen peroxide

· ½ tablespoon of quick rising yeast

· Bottle or cup

· Food coloring (optional)

The Experiment:

Note: Because of the overflowing nature of this experiment, please put your bottle or cup either in a container or outside. Pour the hydrogen peroxide into the bottle or cup. If you'd like to color your 'lava' you can add some food coloring to the cup too. Then when you're ready for your eruption, add the yeast to the bottle and give a stir. Then watch your volcano erupt! If you'd like to make it more volcano-like, you can build a cone around your cup with clay, paper, foil or any other modeling material.

So that's how it works…

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), decomposes (breaks down) over time into H2O (water) and O2, oxygen. The yeast acts as a catalyst to this reaction, meaning it speeds it up. So when the yeast is added to the hydrogen peroxide, oxygen gas is given off, creating the bubbles.

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