Pets eager to get adopted

Pets eager to get adopted

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

KALAELOA (HawaiiNewNow) - Months after the largest animal rescue in Hawaii, dozens of pets nursed back to health are up for adoption.

There's Maya, Sweetie, BJ, Girlie and Lillia. She's head rescuer, Stephanie Ryan's favorite.

"She's the most photogenic, when we did the rescue, she just sat there and posed and just waited for us to take her, she just posed for the camera," Ryan said.

This summer, Lillia was one of the hundreds of birds, cats and dogs who were abandoned when the owner of a no-kill shelter in Waianae died. It left her widower overwhelmed.

Most have been adopted out. On Tuesday, this temporary shelter in Kalaeloa houses the remaining 20 dogs and a handful of cats.

"We'd like to encourage that everybody make a 15 to 20 year commitment when adopting a cat or dog. we want to make sure animals are integrated within the family and they become a family member," Ryan said.

But Ryan's not only looking for adoptive families, she's also hoping for more volunteers.

"Feeding and cleaning occurs continually, therefore we need several people per shift to accomplish these goals," she said.

Chastity Reyes helps out almost every day, right after she gets off from school.

"It's actually a wonderful thing that you're helping out these animals find a good home and what you can do before they find a good home as well," she said.

Helping others isn't new to Reyes. She learned this firsthand after her mother gave up one of her kidney's to her father.

"During that time was really hard, but actually seeing how much she was willing to give up, kind of showed me to do stuff for others," she said.

Reyes hopes others will take her lead and help out one of these pets.

"We have a very strict adoption process, people fill out applications and we interview them and we try to match them with their perfect match," Ryan said.

A match they hope will last a lifetime.

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