Friends of missing Maui couple hoping for miracle

Friends of missing Maui couple hoping for miracle

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

HANA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Friends of an elderly Maui couple, missing since Thanksgiving night, say they're praying for a miracle.

Fire crews on Sunday searched the east Maui shoreline for Carl and Rae Lindquist, but found nothing. Police believe they were swept away by heavy rains after they went out for Thanksgiving dinner Thursday.

The Lindquists have been extremely involved in their community. Friends say there have been many improvements to Hana because of Carl Lindquist's efforts.

A heavily-damaged vehicle was discovered in a stream bed in east Maui with no sign of its owners.

"We're hoping and praying that they will be found," said Maui County Council member Bill Medeiros.

"We are all devastated because we've had a great affection for Carl and for Rae, too," said longtime friend Madge Schaefer.

Carl and Rae Lindquist, both 75 years of age, were last seen having dinner at Hotel Hana Maui at about 9:30 Thanksgiving night. Their SUV was later found about half a mile from Ulaino Road, the street where they live.

Police believe the vehicle was swept into the stream bed by heavy rains.

"They do live in a very isolated area of Hana," Medeiros said. "There are no utilities there. The road is not paved and, in fact, the road does cross several streams."

"There must have been some cataclysmic event that happened as they were crossing that little dip," Schaefer said.

Friends say Carl Lindquist organized a music festival in the 1970s that many Hana residents still talk about. More recently, he's been pushing for affordable housing and day care for senior citizens in Hana.

"Here was a gentleman in every sense of the word who represented Hana, the place that he loved dearly," Schaefer said.

Fire crews used their helicopter to conduct an aerial search of the east Maui shoreline. They will decide Monday morning whether to launch their chopper again.

"Our prayers are certainly for a miracle," Schaefer said.

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