Grow Up

The four county mayors are unhappy with the governor for suggesting that they are holding up a furlough agreement between the Hawaii Government Employees Association and the state. The City Council and the mayor disagree on numerous aspects of the rail transit issue, from costs to route to elevation. Teachers begrudgingly but bravely accepted a furlough directive, but the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly voted overwhelmingly to turn down a 5% pay cut offered by the University.

Public school parents are rightly concerned about what to do with their kids on 17 non-school Fridays, as everyone is bemoaning the lost classroom and teaching time that furloughs will undoubtedly lead to. There are no easy answers, but hearing the adults in power positions sparring week after week for months now cannot help but to cause more skepticism from a wary and weary public.

And after the recent dismal, summer hotel occupancy news and suggestions that tourism numbers might not get better for another year or so, we are well past the time for partisan and self-interest groups to realize that time-consuming, detailed, productive, realistic, leave-your-egos-and-political-aspirations-at-the-door discussions have got to be held to solve problems and revive the hopes of a disenchanted citizenry amid tough economic times in Hawaii.  Cheap shots, stalling, and bickering just don't get it done. Think about it…