Business Report: Christmas tree shipment

Business Report: Christmas tree shipment

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Matson Navigation has announced the arrival this coming weekend of the christmas tree ship, so i thought i'd tell you some background on when and how our christmas trees get to Hawaii.

First of all, Matson does four shipments most years. The first is a small shipment, mostly large trees for store displays and regular trees for neighbor islands. That shipment was the weekend before last.

The next shipment is the biggest. That arrived last Saturday. The third shipment is almost as big as the second, and arrives this coming Saturday.

Calling it the christmas tree shipment is just a way of saying, that's the one where all the media opportunities will be provided. Then a smaller fourth shipment the following week brings things to a conclusion.

Horizon Lines usually does at least two shipments of its own.

A typical christmas tree is cut down in a mountainous section of Oregon, loaded onto a refrigerated container up there on the mountain, and driven down to the docks at Portland. The only time the container is plugged is when it's been hoisted off the trailer and placed on the ship.